About Edison2

Edison2 combines sound physics with innovative design to produce workable and sustainable transportation solutions. Edison2’s employees and partners are passionate and highly accomplished in their respective fields, with experts in automobile design, aerodynamics and racing, and a record of implementing sophisticated projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. We pride ourselves in our creative thinking and the quality and diversity of our work.

This accomplished team of thinkers works in an environment modeled on the original Edison labs. Our combined experience ranges from Le Mans victories to degrees in engineering, business, architecture, and the liberal arts. Our decentralized approach draws on high quality suppliers with whom we have built extensive and successful working relationships. Our victory in the Progressive Automotive X-Prize competition was only the beginning for Edison2, in our mission to usher in a new era of automobile efficiency. The virtues of the Very Light Car – light weight and low aerodynamic drag – are essential to a clean, energy independent future.

The technology behind Edison2’s Very Light Car (VLC) is now in development for commercialization by E2 Mobility, Inc. (E2). E2 aims to dramatically improve the economics of mobility services by lowering vehicle costs-per-mile for operators, while simultaneously increasing revenue potential by providing access to a digital platform connected to the smart mobility ecosystem. E2 will build its Smart Mobility Vehicle (SMV) with globally renowned partners, including partnerships for platform licensing, prototype development, and application design. E2 plans to start production in 2024, with projections to deploy a fleet of ~1 million SMVs in the United States by 2030.

About E2 Mobility

E2 Mobility, Inc., was founded by Theodoros Papaspyridis to provide a solution for the new era of smart mobility, leveraging his decades of experience in the international automotive industry to deliver the innovations made possible by the ultra-efficient design of the X Prize-winning Edison2 Very Light Car. Its purpose-built smart mobility vehicle for the movement of passengers and cargo helps operators to increase profits. The integrated software platform with its mobile app connects MaaS operators to diverse revenue opportunities. E2 aims to be an all-inclusive smart mobility solutions company by providing an E2 ecosystem and selling mobility by the mile.
For more information, visit www.e2mobility.us

The Progressive Automotive X Prize was a competition to build a high efficiency automobile. The Edison2 was designed to win that prize--and it did. The car's designers used sleek wind-cheating lines and extremely light weight to produce a car that seated four people but got 102.5 miles per gallon.

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Make & Model: 2010 Edison2
Maker: Edison2, Charlottesville, Virginia
Engine: 1-cylinder, double overhead cam, turbocharged, 15 cubic inches
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Height: 53 inches
Wheelbase: 100 inches
Width: 79 inches
Overall length: 167 inches
Weight: 830 pounds
Horsepower: 40
Pounds per horsepower: 20.8
Acceleration, 0 to 60 miles per hour: 14.2 seconds
Top speed: about 100 miles per hour
Range on one tank of fuel: about 600 miles
Plexiglas (TM)
Steel (Alloy)
Aluminum alloy
Silver (Color)
Black (Color)
Height: 53 in
Width: 79 in
Length: 167 in
Wheelbase: 100 in