David C. Rummler
Chief Strategy

David is an advisor/mentor to Clean Technology Air, water & waste; Energy Efficiency; Green Building; Energy Storage and Transportation ventures. He is on multiple advisory boards of clean technology ventures including Cyber Tran International an ultra-light rail venture, Bert Thin Films a break-through in front side metallization paste for solar modules/cells and spin-off of University of Louisville, Conn Center for Renewable Energy, Smash Solar a DOE funded venture to develop a DIY snap-together, low-cost solar photovoltaic array mounting solution, Rotary Wings Engine an DARPA funded venture initially for UAV’s, Edison2 a next-generation autonomous vehicle and winner of the 2010 Automotive X Prize and Full Harvest a business to business fresh produce venture that just received $2M seed funding. David was also the National Mentor and Strategic Partnerships Chair for the Cleantech Open Business Accelerator. 

David is a frequent speaker/moderator in industry and investment forums. Representative engagements include moderating Global Networks: Driving Innovation throughout the Value Chain panel at The Sustainable Corporation 2012; Entrepreneurship panel at the University of Louisville Renewable Energy 3 2017 workshop; and Clean Technology Investment Opportunities at Keiretsu Forum 2013 Pitch Me Green. 

His government experience includes a Navy career in ship combat systems operations, information systems program and policy management in the Naval Material Command and computer technology contract research management with the Office of Naval Research including developing joint R&D projects across Europe. 

In business, David started at the Tektronix Directing Graphics Software Development Group. He then moved into business development and strategic planning developing new venture investment opportunities and advising general managers in the strategic transformation of their businesses resulting in over 100% per year revenue growth. He also managed the electronics industry’s first global joint venture – Sony-Tektronix – now over 40 years old. He also worked for Strategos management consultants advising companies including Hewlett-Packard and others on transforming their companies and industries. Strategos strategy clients include Nokia, GE Capital, Applied Materials and Royal Dutch Shell. 

David’s education experience includes advanced mathematics, global entrepreneurship, strategic management, and sustainability. He has been on the faculties of Canada College, Menlo College, San Jose State, and San Francisco State and most recently at Stanford and Notre Dame De Namur Universities. He has a strong research interest in interdisciplinary education and has developed a new business modeling methodology being adopted by each of his advisees to disrupt incumbents in the market. The methodology includes an integrated market, development, value chain, cost/resource, and pricing/revenue models.