Oliver Kuttner
Co-founder, Product Architect


As Product Architect, Oliver Kuttner will give continued guidance to the development of the most efficient vehicle for personal transportation. 


As the Founder of Edison*2, LLC in 2009, Oliver Kuttner’s objectives was to design, develop, and promote advanced automotive technology through the construction of the lightest four-seat automobile platform in the world, in order to obtain efficiency, which won the Progressive Insurance X Prize for producing a fuel efficient vehicles that met consumer expectations for safety and performance. Prior experience includes: • In 1988, Th.Papaspyridis S.A, a company founded and owned by Theodoros, was granted the first authorized dealership in Athens for Land Rover and in 1992 of Chrysler Jeep.

  •  Oliver was the father of the ALMS Ford GTR project that gained a 3rd place finish at Le Mans, which was his last racing related efforts prior to founding Edison*2. 

  • He is a commercial real estate developer who has also applied the same principles of efficiency and environment friendly projects. • Ownership of a BMW dealership further his automobile experience. 


Oliver continues his endeavor to design and deploy a ultra-lightweight, purpose built vehicle to capture today’s market both in the United States and Europe.